Emanuel and the Fear - The Janus Mirror

It's after midnight and I'm sailing down Toronto side streets on my bike with the brand-scolding (since spanking is no longer acceptable) new Emanuel And The Fear album ... that's right, FULL LENGTH ALBUM ... The Janus Mirror - not to be confused with The Anus Mirror, which would likely be a movie produced by the same guys who did Human Centipede, back with a light Cinderella-esque feature.
(I'm going to go ahead and copyright the shit out of that idea right now before they steal it.)
Anyway, I'm on my bike listening to the album and the setting around me couldn't be more perfect. The haunting female vocals bringing in the first track suits the gloomy, autumn night outside of my headphones, followed by the intense orchestral build up that encourages my legs to pump pump pump along with the rising tempo. Whipping back and forth through one-way streets with my mind completely immersed on the other side of The Janus Mirror. I start to slow down only at the end of the song as the singer starts passionately belting out Jeff Buckley-worthy notes and I get so blown away by it that if I don't stop I'll surely crash.
From then on I am stuck in this other world, just the music and me... I'm no longer on a bike anymore, instead I'm flying. It felt like I was in one of the worlds Dick Van Dyke had drawn on the sidewalk and Mary Poppins magically hopped them into. Only this world is a bit more mature, without kids or penguin waiters wearing petite bow ties.

I started to picture a Fantasia-esque scene where Jeff Buckley's ghost inhibits Conor Oberst's body, shares his soul, and together they make music with a huge orchestra.
(Should I copyright this idea too?)
And that is how I would sum up this album.
One might even have to consider it: SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS.

I'm Sarah, don't cha know.