Whaddaya waiting for... a one-liner?

I have a TON of reviews to catch up on and it's stressing me the fuck out. Every time I get one done I open my email to 3 more, and I can't fucking keep track of all this shit. So I'm going to act like a bunny fucking and catch up on each review in short, quick spurts just so I can get them all done AND MOVE THE FUCK ON WITH MY LIFE!


This album sounds like Pinback mixed with David Bowie. Can you guess that I fucking love it?


Talk about eerie-indie, Anna. I'd label this EP as gothic indie prog rock. Starts off slightly boring but it grows on you about half way through each track. I'd throw this on while smoking a joint and star gazing at night.


A rock and roll quartet? Yes please. This band is like Thor, the drums being his hammer. I love it.


THIS EP IS FUCKING AMAZING. Horn-infused rock N roll with that Grease-era swing factor that I always shit my pants over. (shitting your pants over something is a GOOD thing, for some reason) It's my favourite out of all these bands HANDS DOWN.


These guys are like a glitchy dance party out in the woods. I really like it.

That's all for now. Expect more bunny fucking reviews tomorrow because I still haven't caught up yet GADDAMMAAT!

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