Pinback is back.

The other night I threw on the new Pinback album Information Retrieved as I hopped into the shower. I was only planning on a quick spritz because 1) I had things to do, and 2) I HATE SHOWERING.
Don't take that to mean I'm drrrty (although dirty is sexy according to Xtina), just because I only shower once a week doesn't mean that I smell bad...
KIDDING. I shower at least twice a week. Sometimes thrice.
(I just realized I'm admitting this in a review of one of my all time favourite bands, PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME)
Whatever, I hate showering. Ever since I was a kid and this was my favourite movie, which may have something to do with it:

I don't want to die naked. That'd be really embarrassing. I'd rather die dirty.
What was I talking about?
Oh yeah, Pinback. Anyway, I only planned for a short soak and ended up dousing myself for over 30 minutes because I got lost in the music and ended up standing there with water pounding down on my head and back with my eyes closed just zoning out and listening to each track with this trance-like focus.
They've always had this affect on me. I tend to fall asleep to their albums, not because they are boring but because listening to them allows me to forget about anything else happening in my life and just feel what their music makes me feel. They instill this calmness in me that I've never found in any other band.
This new album is no exception. It's got Pinback's undeniable signature sound and that contagious subtle groove that convinces my ADD-ridden thoughts to STFU while I peacefully enjoy the music, becoming oblivious to my surroundings.
The only downside is that not every track is as catchy or stand-out-ish as some of their older records.
Summer In Abbadon has forever been one of my top 5 favourite albums, so maybe I'm just holding them to an unfairly high standard to match the brilliance that they've already put to CD but I find a few of these tracks get stuck in the background, while there are definitely others like "Proceed To Memory", "Sherman", and "His Phase" that successfully stand out as some of the greatest tracks they've produced in their career.
It may just be a case of getting to know the rest of the songs better, as already some of the others are growing on me... specifically "Diminished" at the moment, with that delicious piano and haunting vocals.
That said, I LOVE PINBACK. Always and forever. And I dedicate this song to them:

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever by GuenZou

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