The Cellophane Flowers

The Cellophane Flowers's album Staring At The World sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a Donnie Darko spin-off movie. One less dark and spooky, directed towards younger audience with the lightness of the music contrasting the eeriness of the original. It sounds as if Phil Spector pre-murder produced it, taking influence from bands like Depeche Mode, Echo & The Bunnymen, and The Cure, only with a chick singing. I decided that it would be a movie that follows the life of Samantha Darko during Donnie's crazy time, but not anything like the movie that actually exists called S. Darko, which sounds terrible. I'm talking young, innocent, doesn't know what a 'fuck ass' is Samantha here.

Fake movie aside this album is fantastic. Mixing elements of folk (harmonica!) with 80's space-pop and only the good parts of the alt rock genre of today.
The instruments are like the puppeteer controlling the strings of the marionette, which in this case would be the beautiful female vocals. They clearly steal the show and belong front and center on the stage in your ears, but without the hands holding the strings it wouldn't work at all. The puppeteer is like God, in this case each instrument is like a mini-God that all form together to become one God ruling over this masterpiece.
I don't know what ANY of that means.
And I'm scared of it.
Because puppets scare me.
How about just listen to the song okay?

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.