The Zolas nailed me.....................I mean it. They nailed IT.

Back in 2009 when The Zolas released their 1st album Tic Toc Tic it so strongly depicted my musical taste (outside of punk rock that is) and everything I was drawn to back then.
It's 3 years later and they've just released their 2nd album Ancient Mars and somehow nailed me hard, in bed, giving me exactly what I wanted all over again.
This album is somehow less grand yet more intriguing in simplicity. Softer, noticeably older, leaning more towards sunny and surf-y and away from the circus-y feel of Tic Toc Tic.
I almost can't control my impatience as I try to learn the lyrics to each song, desperate to sing along because the beat in each track seems to demand that I do.
This is one of those albums that hook you instantly, leaving you to repeat it over and over and over, your mood relying on hearing it every single day for months, like a gorgeous boyfriend who is instantly there to comfort you whenever you need it, never when you don't, and only ever makes you smile without talking back or complaining about it.
That's kind of how I imagine George Clooney, therefore this album is the music of George Clooney. Make sense? No, not really, but then again nothing ever does on this site!

The Zolas aka George Clooney will be playing The Great Hall in Toronto on October 12th. SEE YOU THERE!

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