Blood Command

Wellp. I have a new favourite band.
They're called Blood Command and I have been shitting my pants over their new album Funeral Beach all day. There's a chance it's due to all the greasy shit food I ingested all weekend, or the liquor... but I think it's more than just a coinkydink that it started as soon as I hit play.
Okay, maybe that's not true... but it makes for a good story, right?
Not to mention it seems fitting to talk about poop when referring to such a dirty, foul, badASS, crass, vulgar sounding band like this one. And trust me, I say those things out of LOVE. Pure nasty love.
They're a female fronted hardcore/deathpop/punk band from Bergen, Norway reminiscent of a four-way between Gallows, The Blood Brothers, Protest The Hero and Mars Volta.
If I was a guy this would be the wettest of wet dreams. As a girl I'm not quite sure how to describe how sexy I find this music without sounding like a complete whore dreaming about a hardcore musical orgy.
The biggest shock is that they're fronted by a girl AND I STILL LOVE IT. And by 'still' I mean I think I love it more than I ever would if it was a guy. Her vocals are that fucking kick ass.
I seriously can't get enough of it.
I'm like an un-fixed male dog, the band being the butt of a female dog in heat that I can't stop sniffing.. the male dog's nose representing my ears which are unable to stop listening to this album.

what a weird thing to say.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.