Crown The Town with Ryan Long

Guess what nerds, I'm moving on up from MusicSheBlogged to MustSeeTVSheBlogged in order to review the new hit mock reality show called Crown The Town starring Ryan Long and his posse Jarek Hardy, Gary the merch guy for The Johnstones, Stephen Hawking as the narrator and other guys I don't know.
The show consists of Ryan taking on Toronto in Kenny vs. Spenny style 'who's the best' competitions.
But that's not all!
It features Lonely Island-meets-Flight Of The Conchords-meets-South Park-esque music videos (including some by Phat Bredrens!), along with John Dore/Ali G style awkward interviews and SNL-like sketches.
If I could sum it up in two words they would be: hilariously ridiculous.
If I could sum it up in one word it would be: Hilaridiculous.
The humour is everything I love.
The episode I just watched in order to write this review was Best Fortune Teller and it kicks off with Ryan engaging random strangers on the street in a little trivia game ALL ABOUT RYAN.
What's even more amusing than the fact that Ryan knows the answer to every question, obviously, is how much of a dick he is when he celebrates winning.
Later on in the episode Ryan ends up becoming a fortune teller offering his service to anybody who passes him by on the street.
At the risk of giving too much away (the hardest part about reviewing TV this funny is that I want to quote EVERYTHING, but then you wouldn't watch it..) my favourite part of this whole episode is when he 'convinces' one woman that she's into poo, sexually.
Poo jokes are always genius, and I bet she went home with a whole new outlook on shitting.
So much happens in this episode worth mentioning but I really don't want to spoil anything. Each sketch brings the comedy to a whole new level that I hadn't yet seen from Ryan Long and associates.
The Stereos even guest star a couple times, and for the sake of this TV review I will keep my opinion about the band to myself. *AHEM*.

Some key elements are:
Gary's beard
Ryan's ridiculous pony tail

Other episode plots include:
Best Gold Buyer
Best Pole Dancing Teacher
Best Neighbourhood To Dig Through The Garbage

For fans of:
Just For Laugh Gags
Sesame Street
Everything mentioned in the first few paragraphs of this review.

Here are a few clips from past episodes:

Catch Crown The Town Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11pm!

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