How To Get A Positive Review As An All Girl Rock Band on MSB

It's no secret that I don't like most female fronted rock groups.
I mention it every time I review a band with a girl on vocals.
It's not that I have anything against girls, some of my best friends are girls!
I am a girl!
My MOM is even a girl, and so is my sister.
And it's not like I hate all female singers either. I LOVE girl pop, girl country, Brody Dalle and any other girl punk as badass sounding as hers...
What I can't stand though is girl rock. Not that I like male-fronted regular rock much either, but at least I can appreciate a sexy sounding voice when there's a penis behind it.

Completely contrary to this sexist close-minded opinion of mine I have just discovered an all female rock band that I actually do enjoy called Dating Myself.

Here's how they titty-fucked my heart and convinced me to love them despite their vagina's (for any other girl bands interested in doing the same):
1. They started off their review request with flattery, saying they love the bands I write about and my no bullshit attitude. As ladies they know flattery is the way to a woman's heart. That, and steak.
2. They mentioned their album was mixed by the dude who did Mother Mother who I love.
3. They gave me this hilarious 'fake' story about how they are a real band from 1996 who time traveled to 2012 to record/release their debut album.
Check out the full story taken from their Facebook page:
The girls claim they have been sent here by record mogul/amateur inventor/Mayan prophecy follower Doc Vig to record their first full length album and gather research on 2012's futuristic trends before the end of days. Doc Vig offered the band a record deal in exchange for testing out his AWESOME Bill-and-Ted-inspired time machine. No way!? YES WAY! Carbon testing (they smell like cigarettes! Who does that anymore??), UK-made 8-holes, and the fact that they asked for Zima’s upon reemerging from Vig’s re-jigged Ikea cabinet (the ultimate Ikea hack) are all the proof we need to know the story is for reals. Dating Myself went straight from the ether to the recording studio to lay down the fat tracks they’d been working on prior to their 16 year long high-five freeze-frame. After much confusion with new technology and a moment of silence for the passing of cassettes, CDs, and record stores, Dating Myself is staying true to their 90s sound. Prepare to have your longjohns blown off your memory-grapes and your evenflow disrupted…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllrrrrrioters Dating Myself are back. To us. Even though they sort of never realized they went anywhere.
So you see, if you don't have steak and can't muster any flattering comments, use humour to win a gal over and it'll work all the same.

Okay, I'm lying here.
Although all the above made me WANT to like the band, the truth is if their music sucked those 3 points would have made absolutely no difference in my opinion.
It's not the flattery, connections or the humour that I love about this band... it's the fact that they really do SOUND like the 90's, like exactly. And the female vocals don't really sound super feminine, but more androgynous at times like that of Silversun Pickups etc. Even when you can tell 100% it's a lady I still love the sound of it all...probably because of that rattling 90's rock it's complimenting. The songs are short, low-key and grunge-y.. just the way your mother likes it Trebek.

As somebody who grew up in this era it's be impossible NOT to feel a connection to/love for this band.


The album will be out December 4th, and if you live in or near Vancouver check them out on November 30th at the mighty Rickshaw!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.