I'll tell you what all the FUSS is about.

I love when bands tell me things like 'hate mail also accepted' when asking me to review their album. I get pretty excited about the possibilities of writing a really nasty review with no repercussions (as in death threats from the band pretending to be fans who love them when you KNOW they have no fans because they suck really badly... yes this happens a lot) but unfortunately when a band says this to me they NEVER END UP BEING BAD. Which I guess is why they throw that out there, because a) they're funny and don't take shit too seriously because b) they're actually super talented and they know it.
This is the case with a Toronto band called Fuss who sent me their EP Speakeasy which you can find below.
It's as rockin' as Sylvester Stallone only not as hard nor as bloody. And I am Apollo, shocked at how good they are.

I'd describe them as a low-fi garage rock band following in the footsteps (or maybe creating the footprints, depending on who came first) of similar Toronto bands like Topanga (only they're far less poppy) who are blowing their loads all over the face of our city these days.
Check them out.

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