Now For One of the BEST Bands I've Heard Lately!

No surprise here, I've written not one but two raving reviews about them. They're The New Enemy and they're FINALLY back with a new album, Darkness, She Was The Universe.
With this record they've achieved what I thought would be impossible: they've gotten even better.
The Kid Dynamite/Black Flag/Death By Stereo throwback sound has grown even more impressive and worthy of such comparisons with this fantastic hardcore punk album. Like everything else they've ever done there isn't a single track not worthy of praise from #1 through to #11, and already this morning I've listened to it front to back about 6 times and counting. It's fast, it's crass, the vocals are raw and raspy and everything else is tighter than Mother Superior (from Sister Act)'s vagina. These guys are to punk rock what God's penis is to a nuns nana, and I mean this on a global scale not just here in Toronto.
And if there's one thing I love more than punk rock it's charity.
The band has posted this album on BandCamp with a name-your-price option and the money raised will be donated to Youth Without Shelter, a Toronto-based shelter for homeless and abused youth.


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