Pinback: "Buuuuuuuuuuuut, um... Thanksgiving!"

Okay, first and foremost I'd like to apologize in advance for what's about to be a pretty brain dead review due to sheer exhaustion on my part.
My brain has been letting out a continuous fart this past week, I think it's been chowing down on Taco Bell while I'm asleep, which explains why I'm so tired as well.
Focusing on this review has been as difficult as I'd imagine it would be for a paraplegic to swim in the deep end.
And more.
First of all they hit the stage right on time, unlike MOST big acts who play at Lee's Palace. Usually when their set time says 10:15 you're waiting until at LEAST 10:30 for anything to happen, cursing the band who you are supposed to love because if you're as lucky as I am you live close enough to the venue to go home and have a few drinks between sets. Coming back in time and then still having to wait is THE WORST, and I actually think far less of bands who think they're such hot shit that they ignore their start time and the fact that they have hundreds of people just standing there in a smelly crowd pressed up between a bunch of strangers cheering at every roadie who walks on stage or every time one song ends before they realize another one is starting. It's pathetic, and I hate it. I love Pinback even more now because they didn't pull that bullshit.
Watching the band on stage was like watching Kaa from The Jungle Book try to hypnotEYEZ (get it?) Mowgli to sleep.
Only they're not trying to EAT you, they're trying to ROCK you.
Although they weren't the biggest talkers OR movers while on stage it didn't matter. They're the type of band that doesn't have to put any effort into being entertaining while they play, their music and the quality of their performance makes everything else irrelevant. The vocals were absolutely flawless and sounded phenomenal, and up until I saw them I never realized just how intense the bassist (playing all chords!), the drummer (going crazy in the back!) and the guitarist (constantly chugging beer and at one point playing his guitar with the bottle) all are on their own. They even had video accompaniment on the screen behind them, posting the lyrics to all the songs off their new album and then just random shit like the movie Dark Star during the rest of the songs.. not to mention hilariously playing their video for "Good To Sea" WHILE they played the song along perfectly.
What still blows my mind is how many old songs they played, making myself and the audience VERY very happy. Not because I don't like the new one (which they were ON TOUR FOR) but because I have never seen them before and have loved them since the very beginning of time. They did play my favourite song off Information Retrieved - "Sherman" - which I was equally excited about, but check out this solid playlist from what I can remember (there's a TON missing from it too because my memory is crap!):

Blue Screen Life

Autumn of The Seraphs
"Good To Sea"
"From Nothing To Nowhere"

Summer In Abaddon
"Non Photo-Blue"
"Bloods On Fire"

Summer In Abaddon is my all time favourite album of theirs and I shat my pants all over the place each time they played a song from it. The best part of the night was hands down during "Fortress" when Rob chugged his beer then started breakdancing across the stage, then tossed the mic into the crowd then ran off the stage to follow it, singing along with those who picked it up, then came back on claiming he lost a tooth, only to continue on like nothing had happened! I'm sure he didn't actually lose a tooth but whatever, it was AH-MAZING.
This totally made up for the silence during the first half of their set, along with the hilariously awkward Thanksgiving banter from Rob during their encore.


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