Stay Young Rival

If you haven't heard Young Rival's latest album Stay Young yet you're missing out about as bad as Molly Ringwald did when she turned down the roles of Vivian in Pretty Woman, Molly in Ghost and whatever role in Scream was offered to her.
OUCH right?
So to save you from Ringwald'ing yourself I've made it SUPER easy for you to hear it:

No more excuses, right?
It's amazing right?
With 60's/70's surf rock vibes mixing with current indie/garage rock vibes it's the kind of album that defies era-ism (like racism or sexism but in regards to music era's, knowwhatImsayingyo?) and allows people of all ages and tastes to enjoy it, kind of like this Flinstones rendition of "Surfin' USA":

You're Welcome.

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