Guy Marshall

There is something extra beautiful about husband+wife folk bands. Especially ones like Guy Marshall, where both singers have equally amazing voices that compliment each other and seem to radiate the love and beauty in their relationship, translating it into the most exceptional sound.
I'm not usually much of a romantic, but that sort of thing has me jealous as fuck in the most complimentary way.
Their music is almost as enjoyable as rolling over large bubble wrap with your chair, which I'm doing right now.
OK, it's more enjoyable, but seriously bubble wrap rules.
What really got my attention though was the comparison to Deep Dark Woods (love) and THE(motherfucking)BAND - who are the peanut butter to my jelly, the fish to my chips, the Kraft to my dinner, the bacon to my ... more bacon. And holy shit can you ever hear the influence. It's absolutely stunning. To be honest it's some of the best folk music I've heard in the last, like, ever. I can't bring myself to press stop on their FACEBOOK music player, so I just keep looping the 4 songs over and over, and after about an hour and a half I am still not capable of pressing that ugly square thing to end it.

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