There's a new group of villains set to take over our city... through music!
But have no fear, these guys are pretty shitty at being villains and haven't had much luck yet.
They're called Team!Badguy and they write comics into songs, telling stories that make you imagine being in a comic in your head as you listen, and if you close your eyes you'll feel like you're at a Broadway musical in the magical world of DC. Only the superheroes are actually not-so-super-villains, and I imagine them as the cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, failing all around at being villains... so far.
It's truly one of the coolest concept albums I've ever heard. And I'm going to say it right here, RIGHT MEOW, that these guys are going to be huge. Mark my word fools! Especially because they're looking to work out a performance that represents both the music and the comic aspect IN REAL LIFE.
The idea alone is fucking siiq, but the icing on the mmmmmm cake is that the music is actually DAMN FUCKING GOOD too. So good that I haven't been able to stop listening to the 5 tracks on their FACEBOOK page and couldn't wait for the dude in the band to drop off an actual album for me before I reviewed it.
The structure of their songs is an insane mix of hip hop, funk, rock and roll, grunge and motherfukkin' theatrical as shit.
It's so good that I actually put off showering for like the 3rd day in a row just so that I could listen to it a few times and go comic book shopping instead.

Seriously check them out.

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