Alan Bonner, not to be confused with A Land Boner

I'm not sure what A Land Boner is, or why Alan Bonner would be confused with one.
In light of that fake holiday coming up, Vday, I present to you lady-boner encourage-r Alan Bonner, a young singer/songwriter/'balladeer' (his EP is titled Balladeer, out March 4th) from somewhere over in the UK (accent, ladies!). He writes gorgeous melodies with lovely lyrics and pretty build ups in the form of simple piano based ballads.
Dudes, if you wanna make your ladies swoon and take care of that vday boner just throw on some Alan Bonner.
That's almost like a jingle... which means it'll be easy to remember so you don't have to sneak onto the computer and look up this review when the lame flowers you spent your allowance on aren't getting you anywhere under her pants.
Here, I'll even provide you with the link so you can bookmark it now:

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