"And you remind me of a West side hipster with your fancy cigarettes and your Bukowski literature." - Zap Dragon & The Attack

This was my reaction to hearing the band Zap Dragon & The Attack for the first time:
In other words, I turned into Donald Duck.

(When you hear the song "Spanish Grammar" you'll understand why....sorta....)
I'm only 3 songs in so far and this is already my new favourite band.
They sound like a mix between Against Me! and Fake Problems.
HOWCOOLISTHAT!? (picture this said by Weezer in "El Scorcho")
Their album, Pain Waves, was recorded by Rob McGregor who recorded Against Me! and though they're far less political they have that same angsty way of singing you a story with as much feeling in their vocals as they had in their hearts while they wrote it.
(I don't mean that as lame and as emo as it sounds!)
Everything about this band is just fantastic, I fucking love them.

Check them out here:

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