The band is called Big Dick.
And I love them.
So really, how could I not write a review... see all the joke potential here?
I can say things like "I can't get enough Big Dick", orrrr "Big Dick makes my heart cum"... or "put that Big Dick in my ear"... or "Big Dick = big smile"... or "Big Dick = big boner"... orrr "I can't hear you over this Big Dick"... or the obvious-but-not-to-be-overlooked "I love Big Dick" !
Who is Big Dick you ask?
Big Dick is a 2-piece punk / post-punk / post-hardcore / fuzz / noise / garage / indie band from Ottawa.
I'm kinda jealous of them because I've always wanted to form a band with just a bassist and a drummer and basically play the same kind of dirty grime-rock with vocals varying from shouting to distorted singing to screaming nonsense into the mic.
Maybe I'll still do that and call us Big Breast. Or Big Tits. Or Big Boobs. Or Big Clit.
BAM, Big Clit. That's the one.
Anypoo, Big Dick absolutely slaughter my ear drums.. before throwing the poor slaughtered ear drum pieces into the frying pan, adding some salt and pepper, and serving them up to the Bass God himself somewhere up in Bass Heaven.
Enjoying the meal with Mr. Bass God is Death From Above 1979, with whom Big Dick share many similarities.
This is not just a joke... I honestly cannot get enough of this band... of Big Dick.
I'm hooked on Big Dick.
I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Big Dick.
(Side note: Did you know that 'More cowbell' actually has it's OWN WIKIPEDIA PAGE)
I need Big Dick.
I want to experience Big Dick over and over and over.
Big Dick makes me so happy.
You can stream Big Dick's new S/T (of course) album HERE.
Get it? Big Dick!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.