I think my toes are jealous of my fingers because they get to point at things!

There was a FREE show last night at Sonic Boom to kick off this year's Wavelength Music Fest and it was AWESOME.
A band called Absolutely Free hit the tiny stage first and I half expected their performance to be suuuper awkward because the bright lights of the store did not seem to compliment their stand-in-one-place spacey dance rock.. but by the second song I was so blown away that I was in my own little world with the band, lights shmights.
They kind of reminded me of Slaughterhouse Five and how Billy time travels so spastically, and nothing makes sense and everything makes too much sense at the same time.
The multiple drums were... just... oh my GOD.
Like, I have no words for how OH MY GOD the drums were.
And that chunky bass...mmmm
And the wonderful flawless vocals...mmmmmmmmmmmmm
They blew my mind. And by mind I mean load. Ear load.
Blew it up like the Death Star(s)...

Explosion of my ear load that is.

Dusted were up next with a WAY TOO SHORT set that felt no longer than a blink once it was over. It was terribly disappointing because they were SO GOOD. So catchy and mesmerizing for just 2 people. They owned the stage in broad retail light with just the music, their presence and the odd shimmy dance move from the singer/guitarist. The drummer was drumming with one hand while playing keys with the other. It was like his right side and left side were two totally different people. It was amazing.
...And so starts my obsession with Dusted.

NOTE: Dusted will be the special guest Sunday at the Garrison!

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