"It smells like shit in here, let's make it smell like Febreze!"

I saw The Snips at Sneaky Dee's last Friday and completely forgot to write about it over the long weekend.
Oopsie poopsie!
Let me just lazily sum up my notes from the night here:
- Based on the crowd I felt like I was experiencing grade 10 all over again and was OK with it
- The Snips are the new Boys Night Out
- Love their energy, especially the singer who was owning the stage with just the mic and his words...awww
- So emopoptabulous, haven't been to a show like that in a while and loved every second of it, all these kids surrounding me pointing fingers like they mean it as they sing along to every word, EVERY FEELING
- Stood behind a tall guy who farted right in my face, it was like Bad Religion all over again
- One of those nights that I'm scurred the floor will cave in because of all the pop punk jumping happening
- Singer grabbed some kid's finger and used it as a mic... nice one.

I'm Sarah and I'm fucking lazy.