MOSHAWA... You can do better than that!!!

Actually, in this review of the band Viva Mars you can't.
They're from Oshawa, which us Corebourgians used to call 'Moshawa' back in those lame hardcore high school days.
My point is, Oshawa can 'do better than that' in a LOT of ways, but when it comes to bands no city could do much better than Viva Mars.
Their starry eyed indie rock supports the claim on their Facebook of being heavily influenced by the Velvet Underground, The Smiths and Beach Boys. Imagine those three powerhouses morphing into one indomitable sound. That's Viva Mars.
Oshawa, you've impressed me for the first time since that grade 7-8 summer when I thought that the OC was the best place in the world to hang out and would go up to stay with my grandparents just to sit in the food court every day.

I'm Sarah. Apparently I was a loser kid.