Sorry, HAD TO.

Prose & Khans is the debut release from Toronto's 'dreamy electro pop' (according to their FACEBOOK PAGE) band Old English.
I've been trying to write this review for several days now but my mind has been too clouded with a) weed b) whiskey and c) stress over how the fuck I'm supposed to save the four fucking princesses in Castle Crashers. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING.
I'm still having a hard time forming proper sentences BUT I'm forcing myself to write this despite my self-inflicted writers block because of how fucking good this band is. Whether or not I can think of anything intelligent or even dumb-but-humorous to say at the very least I'm posting their Bandcamp so chy'all can hear it and appreciate them without my help.
Prose & Khans is the type of album you'd NEVER expect to hear from a local band, especially for their first release. It's the type of music you'd expect to hear on a new hip indie-loving show like Girls (yes, I like that show. I'm a girl AND IT'S JUDD APATOW, suck it haters), "We Can Never Have It All" (my favourite song by them, along with "Farmer's Tan") in particular is such a gripping track that would be so perfect for one of those heartbreakingly real moments that everybody can relate to. Their album seems to follow that suit, lyrics chronicling life's moments of anguish and loss while kind of coming to terms with the sadness and overcoming it.
Maybe that's just how I interpreted it based on my own life, I haven't been paying as much attention to the lyrics as I have the overall sound and feeling of it all.. either way it's definitely an album that gives you way more than just some ear candy to sing along with in the shower. And it's done SO damn well. Haunting, folk-laced, pie-in-the-sky indie pop/rock that fuses influences from every other genre galaxy into one powerful fucking sound.

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