And Then Came Cancer.

Fuck my butt, I totally forgot to review The High Hats album!
Don't really fuck my butt though please.
The new record is called And Then Came Cancer, and I bet this is the only time getting cancer is a good thing. Unless you have some sort of cancer fetish, or like.. you're a pre-op transsexual who gets breast cancer and survives but loses both boobs because of the cancer, and you were going to get rid of your boobs anyway but the cancer just made it easier? Actually, that's dumb. It'd totally be easier to just get rid of the tits without dealing with the whole cancer thing. So unless you have some sick cancer fetish, this is the ONLY time you can celebrate cancer.
Yeah so The High Hats fucking rule.
With impressive vocal harmonies and surf-vibe similar to that of the Beach Boys on top of perfectly structured pop-punk reminiscent of the Ramones one might imagine The High Hats to be the result of Brian Wilson sucking off Johnny Ramone.
And the only 'one' person who imagined that is me, clearly.
Whatever, listen to it here:

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I'm Pooped. My Shitastic CMW Wrap Up Piece... of Poop.

Oh Canadian Music Week... what to say about Canadian Music Week...
First off I am super thankful to Dan Burke for hooking me up with my very own showcase, not that anybody took their mouths off each others dicks long enough to notice it. But whatever, I didn't really expect that to happen, the point was to book bands that I actually like and think deserve an attempt at exposure. And it was a killer fucking show. Huge thanks to ATTAGIRL, BOATS!, KETAMINES and THE WIDES for making mama MusicSheBlogged so proud.
I didn't sign up for a media pass or any of that shit this year because I really didn't care about covering the whole fest, but since I got a wristband anyway I wanted to make the most out of it and talk a bit about some of the good things I saw:

Blessed Feathers at the Drake.. which nobody showed up to. All you somebodies who were elsewhere, you suck! These guys rule, I have loved them since they sent me their album to be reviewed a while back and my heart boner grew even harder after seeing them for the first time here, even though they didn't play a single song that I knew.

Careers In Science at Global Village Backpackers or whatever the fuck that place is called, rocking my ear cocks like always, but this time was special because they previewed their new record in full for us. So what if I ended up deaf for 2 days after seeing them.

Brews Willis at Sneaky Dee's . Unfortunately this was after Careers destroyed my hearing, sooooo I probably didn't experience this to the fullest. The fact that I even bothered to go watch them at 2am after an open bar party the night before (I think I'm immune to whiskey now) I think says a lot about how worth it they were.

What's funny is that the 2 best shows of the weekend were 2 NON CMW shows. In my opinion anyway.
1. Boats!, School Damage, Tight Nuns and The Leslie Spits at the 460... even though I missed half this show it was still the best line up.  And the part I saw was ultimately the best part of my CMW.

2. the Teenanger, Boats! (see a trend here?), Steve Adamyk Band, First Base, Sonic Avenues, Ultimatemost High, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, Mystics show at Crawford on Sunday. Again, I couldn't stay the whole show because I'm swamped with work (including an anti-bullying campaign which I will get into more later) but still, best line up ever.

Hasta la vista CMW! 

The "OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST CMW" Rush To Catch Up On Reviews Review!

Bands who send me their shit to review must really hate me sometimes. First it takes me like a month to get to it, and when I finally do it's usually in a rush to catch up on everything before something big happens demanding WAY more attention from me than I give to these poor bands.
Between preparing my CMW SHOWCASE + preparing a HUGE SURPRISE CMW PROJECT *evil laugh* + my real job (no, MusicSheBlogged is not my real job) + my blossoming social life = I have barely had a chance to do anything site-wise. Alas, this will be another case of single paragraph reviews all piled together in one post in order for me to catch up.

Airliner Blues Band
I could tell these guys were old school when they sent me a link to Myspace to hear their music. What I didn't anticipate is just how old school they would be. They blend blues and southern rock together in a classic shake fit for past heroes of the genre like CCR, The Allman Bro's, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so on. A new, old sound. Definitely worth a listen.

Monks of Mellonwah
A progressive indie rock band from Sydney who are about to release an experimental EP featuring three parts to one piece of work called "Sky and the Dark Night". The first part is just the intro but it's got this intense build up that makes it worth taking up an entire part on it's own before any lyrics even come in. And boy, when they do come in during the second part along with the gripping guitar solo it's all downhill into the Danger Zone of heavy Incubus-like rock outs from there. But then the third part cuts in and all of a sudden you've got this sudden electro-vibe to it that dances the song to an end. Totally weird, but totally cool at the same time. Think Porcupine Tree. Listen to it in full below:

The Highest Order
This band is fucking awesome.
They seriously deserve WAY more than a paragraph (not that the other 2 don't as well) because it's hard to fit just how awesome they are into just a few words.
They're pretty much a spin-off of One Hundred Dollars, and definitely just as good.
There's a lot of different pieces that make up their dark, prophetic puzzle (of sound) including psychedelics, blues, country twang, roots rock, classic rock and a helluvalotta feeling. When I listen to the album I picture the ghost of some country great stuck in purgatory and haunting Toronto, singing these songs. Said ghost is probably a huge fan of Gordon Lightfoot, The Byrds (and so on)... and Murder By Death.
I really wish I had time to write more about these guys.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Fuck yeah Maple Syrup! - Teenage Bottlerocket

It's Friday, in other words LAZY DAY. So you're just going to have to deal with my lazy ass review that I really should have written late Wednesday night, after the show.
ALAS, I was wasted.
And then I forgot.
And then it was Friday, LAZY DAY, and now this review is back where it started..

The show I'm referring to is the TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET + THE QUEERS + MASKED INTRUDER + SCHOOL DAMAGE show that happened at the Horseshoe in Toronto on March 6th.
This was a really great show.

Toronto's own School Damage opened and holy cockaroni did they ever steal the fucking show. After seeing that performance it's safe to say that they are one of my favourite Toronto bands right now. PERIOD. And I'm not referring to cunt blood when I say that.
Sorry, I am feeling vulgar.
The bassist, whose birthday it was (happy belated, my gift to you is the following shout out!) hammered on those 4 strings like they were the corners of a square vagina that he was pounding, making sure to hit them all as fast as mutherfackin' possible. It was insane to watch. He really goes nutz on that shit.
They had a huge crowd for a 9pm slot on hump day, it was quite impressive.

Masked Intruder were up next, a funny contrast to the pounding of School Damage with their doo-wop hooks and insane vocal harmonies. Harmonies which they hit flawlessly. Their shtick is even funnier live, featuring a cop on stage to 'watch them' who ends up moshing and getting undressed. The best part was when he reached into his fanny pack (since when do cops wear fanny packs?) and produced the middle finger for the audience. Hilarious.
Each song was dedicated to beautiful women, and the set was everything I dreamed it would be.
Check out my interview with these alleged felons HERE.

The Queers.... You're all going to judge me for this.... but..... this was my FIRST TIME seeing The Queers.
I've always been a fan, but never Die Hard With A Vengeance about it.
It was good. So good, in fact, that my tits retracted. I have no tits.
That is all.


AH Teenage Bottlerocket. Love these guys more than words can describe. I've interviewed them, reviewed them (here, here & here), fed them pizza in a scuzzy apartment (actually I think THEY bought the pizza, I just supplied the scuzzy apartment), and still fucking can't get enough of them.
Their chainsaw entrance was awesome, whoever thought of that was genius!

At this point in my notes things really stop making sense.. something about 'singer and Miguel had behind back guitar maybe bass off' and 'polka to song "Bottlerocket", that's so hard' ... whatever that means. I did manage to note that they played a new song called "I Smoke Marijuana" (I think) and that they LOVED shouting out to Toronto before each song as well as high fiving each other, which was funny.
And that's about all that I can make out... and since it's LAZY FRIDAY I'm just going to end this review here.

for real this time

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

North Of The Border, Eh.

Show me a real bad ass punk rock album and I'll treat you like royalty.
I'll bump you to the front of the list of albums-to-be-reviewed, VIP styles, and I'm not talking about Valerie Irons Protection... more like the way Pam Anderson gets treated at the Playboy Mansion, or by men/lesbians in general.
(in her prime at least)

All Hail Pam And's BOOBS.

ANYWAY... my first word when I saw the track listing of the Synicalist Records compilation North Of The Border Vol. 1 was 'BUH'.
And I mean BUH in the best way BUH can mean.
Outtacontroller (my lovers who I wrote a song about once), Brutal Youth, The Motorleague, The Rebel Spell... ALL ON THE SAME FUCKING CD.
I just HAD to review it right away.
FUCK do I ever miss punk comps.
The band names, the track names, the album cover, the overall sound… it all reminds me of the compilations I lived for when I was in high school… Punkzilla, Punk-O-Rama, Punk Rock Strike, Give Em The Boot, Faster & Louder...
Oh the memories!
I absolutely LOVE that it’s all Canadian bands. All solid. Way to make Canada look AWESOME. And what's REALLY great is that there's NO pretentious punk rock band on here. These are the bands who aren’t "in the scene that gets seen", that scene consisting of (granted) amazing bands who happen to have all the right contacts to get their names out everywhere. No, this is real DIY punk shit. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The album introduced me to a bunch of bands that a) I have never heard of and b) I knew of but didn't know I liked..
Out of the 20 bands featured I actively listen to only about 10... UNTIL NOW.
Every band, every song, everything about this FUCKING RULES.
This is why compilations (done right) are so amazing. Keep 'em coming Synicalist!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.