And Then Came Cancer.

Fuck my butt, I totally forgot to review The High Hats album!
Don't really fuck my butt though please.
The new record is called And Then Came Cancer, and I bet this is the only time getting cancer is a good thing. Unless you have some sort of cancer fetish, or like.. you're a pre-op transsexual who gets breast cancer and survives but loses both boobs because of the cancer, and you were going to get rid of your boobs anyway but the cancer just made it easier? Actually, that's dumb. It'd totally be easier to just get rid of the tits without dealing with the whole cancer thing. So unless you have some sick cancer fetish, this is the ONLY time you can celebrate cancer.
Yeah so The High Hats fucking rule.
With impressive vocal harmonies and surf-vibe similar to that of the Beach Boys on top of perfectly structured pop-punk reminiscent of the Ramones one might imagine The High Hats to be the result of Brian Wilson sucking off Johnny Ramone.
And the only 'one' person who imagined that is me, clearly.
Whatever, listen to it here:

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