Fuck yeah Maple Syrup! - Teenage Bottlerocket

It's Friday, in other words LAZY DAY. So you're just going to have to deal with my lazy ass review that I really should have written late Wednesday night, after the show.
ALAS, I was wasted.
And then I forgot.
And then it was Friday, LAZY DAY, and now this review is back where it started..

The show I'm referring to is the TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET + THE QUEERS + MASKED INTRUDER + SCHOOL DAMAGE show that happened at the Horseshoe in Toronto on March 6th.
This was a really great show.

Toronto's own School Damage opened and holy cockaroni did they ever steal the fucking show. After seeing that performance it's safe to say that they are one of my favourite Toronto bands right now. PERIOD. And I'm not referring to cunt blood when I say that.
Sorry, I am feeling vulgar.
The bassist, whose birthday it was (happy belated, my gift to you is the following shout out!) hammered on those 4 strings like they were the corners of a square vagina that he was pounding, making sure to hit them all as fast as mutherfackin' possible. It was insane to watch. He really goes nutz on that shit.
They had a huge crowd for a 9pm slot on hump day, it was quite impressive.

Masked Intruder were up next, a funny contrast to the pounding of School Damage with their doo-wop hooks and insane vocal harmonies. Harmonies which they hit flawlessly. Their shtick is even funnier live, featuring a cop on stage to 'watch them' who ends up moshing and getting undressed. The best part was when he reached into his fanny pack (since when do cops wear fanny packs?) and produced the middle finger for the audience. Hilarious.
Each song was dedicated to beautiful women, and the set was everything I dreamed it would be.
Check out my interview with these alleged felons HERE.

The Queers.... You're all going to judge me for this.... but..... this was my FIRST TIME seeing The Queers.
I've always been a fan, but never Die Hard With A Vengeance about it.
It was good. So good, in fact, that my tits retracted. I have no tits.
That is all.


AH Teenage Bottlerocket. Love these guys more than words can describe. I've interviewed them, reviewed them (here, here & here), fed them pizza in a scuzzy apartment (actually I think THEY bought the pizza, I just supplied the scuzzy apartment), and still fucking can't get enough of them.
Their chainsaw entrance was awesome, whoever thought of that was genius!

At this point in my notes things really stop making sense.. something about 'singer and Miguel had behind back guitar maybe bass off' and 'polka to song "Bottlerocket", that's so hard' ... whatever that means. I did manage to note that they played a new song called "I Smoke Marijuana" (I think) and that they LOVED shouting out to Toronto before each song as well as high fiving each other, which was funny.
And that's about all that I can make out... and since it's LAZY FRIDAY I'm just going to end this review here.

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