I'm Pooped. My Shitastic CMW Wrap Up Piece... of Poop.

Oh Canadian Music Week... what to say about Canadian Music Week...
First off I am super thankful to Dan Burke for hooking me up with my very own showcase, not that anybody took their mouths off each others dicks long enough to notice it. But whatever, I didn't really expect that to happen, the point was to book bands that I actually like and think deserve an attempt at exposure. And it was a killer fucking show. Huge thanks to ATTAGIRL, BOATS!, KETAMINES and THE WIDES for making mama MusicSheBlogged so proud.
I didn't sign up for a media pass or any of that shit this year because I really didn't care about covering the whole fest, but since I got a wristband anyway I wanted to make the most out of it and talk a bit about some of the good things I saw:

Blessed Feathers at the Drake.. which nobody showed up to. All you somebodies who were elsewhere, you suck! These guys rule, I have loved them since they sent me their album to be reviewed a while back and my heart boner grew even harder after seeing them for the first time here, even though they didn't play a single song that I knew.

Careers In Science at Global Village Backpackers or whatever the fuck that place is called, rocking my ear cocks like always, but this time was special because they previewed their new record in full for us. So what if I ended up deaf for 2 days after seeing them.

Brews Willis at Sneaky Dee's . Unfortunately this was after Careers destroyed my hearing, sooooo I probably didn't experience this to the fullest. The fact that I even bothered to go watch them at 2am after an open bar party the night before (I think I'm immune to whiskey now) I think says a lot about how worth it they were.

What's funny is that the 2 best shows of the weekend were 2 NON CMW shows. In my opinion anyway.
1. Boats!, School Damage, Tight Nuns and The Leslie Spits at the 460... even though I missed half this show it was still the best line up.  And the part I saw was ultimately the best part of my CMW.

2. the Teenanger, Boats! (see a trend here?), Steve Adamyk Band, First Base, Sonic Avenues, Ultimatemost High, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, Mystics show at Crawford on Sunday. Again, I couldn't stay the whole show because I'm swamped with work (including an anti-bullying campaign which I will get into more later) but still, best line up ever.

Hasta la vista CMW!