North Of The Border, Eh.

Show me a real bad ass punk rock album and I'll treat you like royalty.
I'll bump you to the front of the list of albums-to-be-reviewed, VIP styles, and I'm not talking about Valerie Irons Protection... more like the way Pam Anderson gets treated at the Playboy Mansion, or by men/lesbians in general.
(in her prime at least)

All Hail Pam And's BOOBS.

ANYWAY... my first word when I saw the track listing of the Synicalist Records compilation North Of The Border Vol. 1 was 'BUH'.
And I mean BUH in the best way BUH can mean.
Outtacontroller (my lovers who I wrote a song about once), Brutal Youth, The Motorleague, The Rebel Spell... ALL ON THE SAME FUCKING CD.
I just HAD to review it right away.
FUCK do I ever miss punk comps.
The band names, the track names, the album cover, the overall sound… it all reminds me of the compilations I lived for when I was in high school… Punkzilla, Punk-O-Rama, Punk Rock Strike, Give Em The Boot, Faster & Louder...
Oh the memories!
I absolutely LOVE that it’s all Canadian bands. All solid. Way to make Canada look AWESOME. And what's REALLY great is that there's NO pretentious punk rock band on here. These are the bands who aren’t "in the scene that gets seen", that scene consisting of (granted) amazing bands who happen to have all the right contacts to get their names out everywhere. No, this is real DIY punk shit. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The album introduced me to a bunch of bands that a) I have never heard of and b) I knew of but didn't know I liked..
Out of the 20 bands featured I actively listen to only about 10... UNTIL NOW.
Every band, every song, everything about this FUCKING RULES.
This is why compilations (done right) are so amazing. Keep 'em coming Synicalist!

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