The "OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST CMW" Rush To Catch Up On Reviews Review!

Bands who send me their shit to review must really hate me sometimes. First it takes me like a month to get to it, and when I finally do it's usually in a rush to catch up on everything before something big happens demanding WAY more attention from me than I give to these poor bands.
Between preparing my CMW SHOWCASE + preparing a HUGE SURPRISE CMW PROJECT *evil laugh* + my real job (no, MusicSheBlogged is not my real job) + my blossoming social life = I have barely had a chance to do anything site-wise. Alas, this will be another case of single paragraph reviews all piled together in one post in order for me to catch up.

Airliner Blues Band
I could tell these guys were old school when they sent me a link to Myspace to hear their music. What I didn't anticipate is just how old school they would be. They blend blues and southern rock together in a classic shake fit for past heroes of the genre like CCR, The Allman Bro's, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so on. A new, old sound. Definitely worth a listen.

Monks of Mellonwah
A progressive indie rock band from Sydney who are about to release an experimental EP featuring three parts to one piece of work called "Sky and the Dark Night". The first part is just the intro but it's got this intense build up that makes it worth taking up an entire part on it's own before any lyrics even come in. And boy, when they do come in during the second part along with the gripping guitar solo it's all downhill into the Danger Zone of heavy Incubus-like rock outs from there. But then the third part cuts in and all of a sudden you've got this sudden electro-vibe to it that dances the song to an end. Totally weird, but totally cool at the same time. Think Porcupine Tree. Listen to it in full below:

The Highest Order
This band is fucking awesome.
They seriously deserve WAY more than a paragraph (not that the other 2 don't as well) because it's hard to fit just how awesome they are into just a few words.
They're pretty much a spin-off of One Hundred Dollars, and definitely just as good.
There's a lot of different pieces that make up their dark, prophetic puzzle (of sound) including psychedelics, blues, country twang, roots rock, classic rock and a helluvalotta feeling. When I listen to the album I picture the ghost of some country great stuck in purgatory and haunting Toronto, singing these songs. Said ghost is probably a huge fan of Gordon Lightfoot, The Byrds (and so on)... and Murder By Death.
I really wish I had time to write more about these guys.

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