And now I got diarrhea, too drunk to fuck !

I don't actually have diarrhea, and luckily I did not have it the night in question.
I was, however, too drunk.
Too drunk to properly review the show.
Way too drunk.
I really hope my parents aren't reading all these 'too drunk to do my job' reviews...
It was Friday night, and I had to drink off a million body aches from a run in with a car earlier in the day, so, like, totally understandable that I got so wasted, right?
Considering the first band of the night, School Damage, sing songs about wanting to get wasted I think I was doing a good job of getting into the spirit of things.
Of course I only remember bits and pieces of their set, and I'm really trying hard not to compare it to some sexual odyssey like I normally do because apparently that weirds people out, buuuut it's turning out to be more of a challenge than I expected. Maybe I have a one track mind (and by maybe I mean obviously), but the band is also to blame with their deep punk rock stances, hard as fuck drumming, and just all around boner-bait punk rock.
It's almost as if they're using the sound waves to inject the audience with mass amounts of Viagra that stimulates your entire body via your ears.
Smart guys, reeeeal smart.
Brutal Youth were up next and although I was definitely too drunk to remember anything specific about this set, I do remember how fucking grade AAA beef it was, and how I walked out of the pit at the end covered in beer and loving every drop of it, completely overwhelmed with how awesome they were. I pretty much felt the same way I did when I finally figured out how to beat the Chocolate Island 3 level in Super Mario, flying high with Blue Yoshi and winning three 1-up's in the process. Chocolate Fortress, what up! I totally suck for not being able to say more about the show. Clearly I'm an alcoholic.

I also wish I could remember seeing !Attention! but I honestly have no recollection of them on stage whatsoever.
I'm such a failure!!
If I make it to the Crime In Stereo/Such Gold/!Attention! show coming up at Sneaks I'll totally make it up to you guys with a full set review!

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