Farler's Fury at Bovine, not to be confused with Beauvine. Whatever that means?

For the longest time I thought this bands name was Farley's Fury, and I just kept picturing this skit in my head of Chris Farley turning into Fury, the deadly cyboite from Marvel (enemy of Captain Britain; X-Men) and just going bananas, with this album playing in the background as he frantically starts destroying the set of SNL.
ALAS, it's actually Farler's Fury soooo yeah. Nevermind.
FARLER'S Fury played last night for fuckin' free at the Bovine in Toronto, and I've never felt so close to my Irish heritage in that venue as I did drinking cheap ass PBR and watching the bagpipes.
I was expecting a way more obnoxiously Celtic vibe from these guys but they turned out to be just a punk band with 'pipes, which I actually liked a lot more. It sounded a bit like Bad Religion kicked out Greg Gaffin, replaced his political vocal ass with Al Barr, and then recruited Gord Taylor from The Real McKenzies to add bagpipes and give the sound a bit more UMPH.
I liked it.
I really liked watching the pipe-blower... bag-blower... bag-blaster... pipe-puffer... um... sorry lame-d out there, you get the idea, I really liked the way he ripped on the pipe... bag... like he was starring in the latest Fast And The Furious movie.
I leave you with a site full of TERRIBLE bagpipe jokes, including this one:
Q: What did the bagpiper get on his I.Q. test?
A: Drool.

NOW, can we talk about breakfast poutine for a second?
I have a serious craving for a cheesy, bacon-y, gravy-y, egg-y heap of fries that needs some serious satisfying.
Am I going to have to do this myself?

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

PS. Nothing to do with this review, but if you're looking for something to listen to at work today...and you work on a computer like me:

Fuck yeah, YouTube.