HOLY SHITSNACKS!!!..... A Pissed Jeans Review.

Well SHIT. I totally forgot I was supposed to review the Pissed Jeans show at Lee's Palace last night and got SO FUCKING PISSED (Jeans) DRUNK.
Mixing Caesars + whiskey + beer + whiskey + vodka + more whiskey is NOT the best ideer.
My head hurts.
I'm actually shocked that I made it to work in one piece today on my bike.
No ticky, no washy?
As drunk as I was/still am, it's impossible to forget just how fucking awesome the show was.
My eardrums felt like they had been pounded in the balls by the Toxic Avenger.
And by felt I mean they still feel that way.
The band kicked as much figurative ass as Melvin did literally after he was transformed into a mutant super hero.

I know I should stop comparing the show to The Toxic Avenger, but I just can't. I'm sorry.
When you see the band offstage they seem like such normal, non-threatening dudes, but as soon as they get up there with their instruments in hand they morph into this terrifyingly awesome mess of ball-busting crusaders, kicking the living shit (since when does shit live?) out of each and every note they play like it's those health club jerks who made fun of them.
So what if some (most) of the time I was distracted by the huge hole in the crotch of the singers pants and trying to catch a glimpse of his dong (hey, what can I say, I'm a real lady), it didn't take away from the fact that they murdered their set as if it had tried to rape a sexy blind girl and shot her dog.
Although they didn't get as nuts as they did the last time I saw them they still put on a fucking amazing show. And that's not just the liquor talking.


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