SO I've decided that Tabitha from The Victim Party is my all time favourite female singer. Not just in the punk scene but in every damn scene. Not only is her voice the tits, but her on stage presence is excellent even when she's not singing her parts.
The Victim Party opened the show on Monday night at Sneaky Dee's, playing before Junior Battles and Broadway Calls. It doesn't seem to matter where they are in a line up because they kill it so hard every time that it lasts for the entire show, and none of the other bands can ever compete with their set.
Not even close.
They drill happiness into your glory ear holes as if they're Reno from The Driller Killer, and the audience is a bunch of bums, and their music is the drill.
Don't get it? Don't worry.

I was tapping and shaking my leg along to each song so excitedly that my muscles actually started to seize up.
Their new bassist, Matt Woo, fits in with the band so well that you almost don't notice any change at all... until he starts rocking the fuck out and you're like DAMN, that new bassist is A-WOOO-SOME!
Honestly, these guys could have been the only band on the bill that night and I would have left completely satisfied, like a lonely man who has just spent all his money at a brothel.

Junior Battles played next, and maybe because they had to follow The Victim Party, or because I've over-listened to them, orrrr because they didn't play any new material that I noticed but... and I'm actually really sorry to say this because they're wicked cool dudes (if you don't believe me check out an interview I did with them a while back HERE...includes fart talk!) and I've always spoken highly of their music......but I WAS BORED. Again, I feel shitty saying that, but I can't lie. I mean, they played well and had fucking hilarious banter that was entertaining, but the music itself... meh. What I paid more attention to was the number of people wearing FAKE (or barely prescription'd) black rimmed glasses in front of me. As a real glasses wearer I'm insulted by this. And they don't even look cool, by the way.

And then came Broadway Calls, and in typical Sarah fashion I was totally distracted by my stomach for their entire set. Maybe it was because of the TMNT shirt I was wearing but I couldn't get visions of yummy yummy pizza out of my freakin' head! It actually became a war between my ears and my tummy. For about 95% of the set my ears won, or rather Broadway Calls won because they were fucking awesome (although still not nearly as good as The Victim Party!) but I did end up fighting my way out of the venue through the sea of plaid shirts a bit early and biking the shit out of the 3 blocks to Pizzaville. The notes I took during this set were ALL ABOUT FOOD. And how much I wanted it. Way to fuck up the review past self fatty. Fack! Trust me though, I may not have given you any proof whatsoever in this dumb blurb here, but the band killed it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.