Are you brave enough to listen to the new Careers In Science EP, COWARDS?

Holy new Careers In Science!
Talk about finding your niche!
I've been listening to these guys for years now and I have to say... this new EP, Cowards, definitely sounds like they've found Cinderella's foot to slip into the shoe they've been shoe-sitting for so long.
SHOE OF ROCK, that is. Or isn't...... or IS.
They've grown stronger, harder, and even a wee bit crazier.
And it fits. The shoe fits. And it smells AWESOME.
I may have heard the EP live a couple times already, but the beautiful thing about liquor is that you can experience things for the first time many many times over as long as every time you experience you've had enough to drink. And in my case I ALWAYS have enough to drink, so listening to it again right now feels just like I'm falling for the first time... again. Barenaked.
And it actually has gotten me thinking... a lot... about what I'm afraid of...
The answer is puppets.
And mascots.
For realz.
I'm totally terrified of that shit.
Pupaphobia is a real bitch.
Anyway, just the fact that it got me thinking is a huge deal. I don't really like thinking that much, and I choose to turn off my fears for the most part.
Which I believe makes me more of a coward? To run away from the things you're scared of...
It's actually a really interesting concept to me. Especially for an album.
It reminds me of that animal character in that movie... you know, with the witches, and the midgets, I mean munchkins... and the animal is a coward... what's it called again??? Oh yeah, The Wizard Of Oz!
Taken from the Cowardly Lion Wikipedia...(gosh I love the Interweb):
Since lions are supposed to be "The Kings of Beasts," the Cowardly Lion believes that his fear makes him inadequate. He does not understand that courage means acting in the face of fear, which he does frequently. Only during the aftereffects of the Wizard's gift, when he is under the influence of an unknown liquid substance that the Wizard orders him to drink (perhaps gin) is he not filled with fear. He argues that the courage from the Wizard is only temporary, although he continues to do brave deeds while openly and embarrassedly fearful.
So I guess the moral of the story is that gin = liquid courage.
Something I was already well aware of....
Half the reason I drink is so I can grow some balls and network with people, because I'm a shy awkward fuck in real life.
But also, the REAL moral of the story is that we're all scared of something, but life means facing your fears and living in spite of them.
I actually talked to the band about all this when I interviewed them at Pouzza... so check that out, you might learn something!
AND check out the new EP on June 4th. Unless you're.... scared!?

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