Real life is a shit sandwich and every day you gotta take another bite.

But at least you can douse that sandwich in hot sauce and mayonnaise to add some succulency to the shit.
Today, the hot sauce I speak of is the band Foxygen, and the mayo is their album Take the Kids Off Broadway (Breakfast Horse). Each track off the album is a thick slice of roast mother fucking beef, and I guarantee you if you throw on this album first thing this Friday morning life won't even taste like a rotten bag of hangover poop anymore. You'll forget the fact that you're too broke to go to a birthday party at Yuk Yuks with all your friends on a Friday night and will end up watching a really crappy downloaded version of the new Evil Dead at home instead.
Pshaw. It's all good in the hood when you are listening to Foxygen.
What I love the most about this psychedelic rock 'n' roll band is that they don't just SOUND like the Rolling Stones or any other 60's/70's legendary band of the sort, but they sound like they were literally BIRTHED by them, out of the butts of their guitars and drums, like a chicken laying it's eggs (I'm sure eggs don't come out of a chickens butt, right? but for the sake of this sentence they do).. making them blood relatives. Or something. Seriously though they sound like they belong in that era, and the more I think about it / hear it, the more I believe that they are actually time travelers, somehow. They found the warp whistle. They've skipped ahead to level 2000.
I'm fucking on to them.
Come have your mind blown at their live show in Toronto next Thursday. EVENT HERE.

OR just listen to them here:

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