The Class Assassins! Not to be confused with The ASS ASSASSINS!

The apple of the Toronto punk scene's eye, The Class Assassins, have just released this wacky new single that isn't really a single at all, but a double, as in 2 songs, that together make up a single.
It defies all mathematical logic, but sounds really good.
Part 1 is called "The Addiction", and part 2 "The Solution", and both are pretty politically driven so you should probably pay close attention to the lyrics. Luckily, "The Addiction" is only 4 minutes long while "The Solution" is 9 crazy minutes, which leads me to believe that there's a really good chance at kicking the addictions' ASS.

Speaking of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, I have to say it ties in nicely with this/these? single(s). The songs are total 'brotherhood' anthem types, with tons of singalong parts and a bottom line that the singer sums up quite nicely here, "We’re the solution if we all stand together and fight for what’s right. Make your voice be heard!”.

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