Anxiety Attack Recordings Presents: Southern Ontario Summer 2013 Punk Compilation

It seems that thanks to sites such as, punk compilations are back in full swing!
Maybe they never left, maybe it was I who stopped paying attention, but as far as I'm concerned there hasn't really been a solid comp since I was in high school.
This year.... 2013.... I am going to dub 'A New Hope for the Return of Compilations STRIKING BACK'... or something like that.

THIS makes me proud to be an Ontario-an. ?
Such a lovely mix of great punk bands in Ontario... and not just one style either, you've got a variety of poppy to maximum rock and roll, and they all go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong.
Although I've already heard of about 90% of these bands, the chosen tracks make this a collection of the best of the best.
It features all of my favourite local bands like Brutal Youth, School Damage, Plan 37, The Victim Party, Fairmounts, Careers In Science...and I could keep going. There's only one track that I would skip every time in this list. And I won't even tell you who it is, because that makes it way more fun for me. But seriously, 1 out of 26, well that ain't bad.
Not only does it have all my old favs, but I also discovered a few new ones in the 10% I haven't heard of before.
Like Permanent Bastards. I actually have listened to them before but stupidly I completely forgot they existed. Hearing "Bloody Mary" come on just reminded me how fucking good they are, and I haven't stopped listening to them since.
Stuff like this is great for work, it takes away all the pressure to think of who you want to listen to, all you have to do is press play and you've already got a great mix at your fingertips. One that requires no thought or effort on your part.
And I love things that allow me to be lazy!
AND I love Ontario punk rock.
Win, win.


1. Black Cat Attack - Phasers Set To Thrill
2. Machine Gun Dolly - That's Who We Are
3. Plan 37 - On The Run
4. The Fairmounts - Devlin McGreggor
5. The Victim Party - Andrew Harris
6. The Class Assassins - The Addiction
7. Teenage X - Yesterday's Makeup
8. Maximum RNR - Attack Panther
9. Brutal Youth - Shortcut Pt2
10. The Lucky Ones - Monday Night At Carlton Heights
11. South End - East End Skids
12. School Damage - Can't Get Off
13. Sinkin' Ships - Running And Jumping
14. Saint Alvia - The Commute
15. Permanent Bastards - Bloody Mary
16. The Penske File - The Valley
17. Summer Of 92 - South Simcoe New Tecumseth Home
18. Born Wrong - Burn a Debt
19. Careers In Science - Locals News
20. Wasted Potential - Is This Show All Ages
21. The Rotten - Punks Dead Redux
22. Sluts On 45 - I Like You (So Lets Party)
23. Bourbon DK - Pride Without Prejudice
24. Skullians - Over The Edge
25. Unbelievers - I Don't Like You
26. Steel Town Spoilers - Wartime

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