FAIRMOUNTS! FULL LENGTH! Put it in my eaarrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

I've only seen the FAIRMOUNTS play once, POSSIBLY twice though I'm not quite sure.. I have the memory of a drunk goldfish unfortunately.
I do clearly recall seeing them semi-recently at the Bovine, and I was super impressed by the perfect pop punk they pumped out.
-- tongue twister? --
Not that any of this matters because I'm reviewing their debut full-length album right now, but what I'm trying to say is that they were great live the one (maybe two) time(s) I saw them but that wasn't much of an indication of what to expect on CD. Sometimes seeing a band kill it live kinda ruins the experience of listening to their album for the first time because it can't ever measure up to seeing them in person.

This album though, lemmetellya, it's fucking impressive.
It measures up like T2 measured up to the first Terminator.
It sounds like the result of a twister ripping through pop punk's past and present, collecting Chixdiggit, The Queers, the Ramones and every other band of the sort you've always loved, gyrating them into this amazing pop-punk debris. Although, you wouldn't actually call them 'debris' in the literal sense of the word because they aren't trash to be discarded or anything like that, I just have been hooked on Arrested Development lately and needed to use the word. Sue me.
The singer's voice has my head screaming 'Kepi, Kepi, Kepi' while doozies like "I Don't Want To Go To The Hospital" sounds so much like a take on the Ramones and TBR style of pop punk, right down to the title. I actually think this song is the result of all these punk rockers going down to the basement. There was probably black mold and shit down there and they got sick.
They even have Joe Queer doing vocals on their track "6 Outta 10", a fucking fantastic tune that could very well be mistaken for a new Queers song.

Check this oot:

Fucking love it.

Pick up the album on iTunes. DOOO IT.

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