NXNE 2013: Cafeine @ Lee's Palace

Well there's no contest when it comes to the WORST BAND (that I saw, or maybe in general even) at this years NXNE.
That shitcake goes to Cafeine, orrr Xavier Cafeine,

He's the cancer, and we're the cure... apparently.
Well I agree with the whole cancer thing... ear cancer.
But really though, cancer is a super serious matter not to be joked about.
Or sung about... jerk.
His outfit, however, is a different story.
'This Killers ripoff band brought to you by Hot Topic'!
All I have to say about his set was:
a) proof white men can't dance
b) I'd rather eat poutine than watch him.
And eat poutine I did.
And by poutine I mean RINGTINE.
You heard me.
And THAT, my friend, was delicious.

My main damie Chris was with me during this Hot Topic delivery truck crash of a set and he described it best, perhaps with some influence from the cheesy ringtine, 'it sounded like somebody took a ripe dump on the stage and hooked a PA system up to it' .

You hear that folks!? A RIPE DUMP.
I think he's being too kind..

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