NXNE 2013: Delinquints @ Bovine

There's nothing like a great fucking punk show in the midst of a semi-mainstream music festival.
Especially when it's featuring an amazing punk band who haven't played in a couple of years as far as I know.
I almost didn't make it down to the Bovine to see Delinquints reunite because of my sick cat and having to work the next day... but my decision to go was probably the best choice I've made in weeks.
The Bovine was packed, and everybody was going crazy for every song.
If I had money I would have been drunk, and if I had been drunk I would have totally moshed.
Even sober I was jonesing to get into the pit.
But I'm a lazy fuck.
So instead I just watched.
And although a close call, I think Delinquints blew YELLOWTEEH right out of the water for best show at NXNE.
They KILLED it.

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