NXNE 2013: FLAG @ Opera House

Mother Fucking FLAG.
As in, Black Flag's better half now.
Seeing them perform live before my eyes for the first time in my life was bittersweet.
It was a huge dream come true, yes, but for that reason it was also a let down....
I mean.. I wish I had seen them in their prime because, well, now they're kinda partied out.
Keith - who I saw recently with OFF! work his ass off on stage - did not seem to care enough to give it his all this show. I know that regardless of his age he can still rock the fuck out, but this particular night he appeared to see his performance as a job, not a passion.
But I guess who can blame him after all these years.
Dez, however, made up for it whenever he jumped on the mic.
And Chuck, well, Chuck was just the most entertaining dude ever on stage. I fucking love that guy.
All in all it was the show of a lifetime, with all of Black Flag's greatest hits pumped out for the audiences pleasure, and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

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