NXNE 2013: Reuben and the Dark @ Horseshoe Tavern

The whole harmony-filled, slow, drum-driven indie rock is a phase I haven't touched on lately so I really didn't think Reuben and the Dark would be my type of thing.. especially live.
Quite the contrary, my dear Reuben.
What I witnessed on stage can only be compared to that part in Angels In The Outfield when the angels swoop in to work their magic...

(Skip ahead to 0:35!)
Only in this case there was no train wreck of a team (band) to fix, but just an empty stage that lit up with their presence and lonely instruments that radiated miracles once played.
It truly felt as if I were watching a bunch of angels performing the soundtrack to heaven right before my eyes.
And my favourite part, the stand-up drummer, sounded like he was god of thunder, so powerful he could not sit the whole performance.

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