NXNE 2013: Thomas D'Arcy @ Lee's Palace

I've heard the name Thomas D'Arcy all over the place and yet I had no idea that it would be something that would appeal to me.
I'm not sure what he was all about previous to this NXNE show I saw because apparently it was his second with this particular band.
And this band was about 60% of why I loved it.
And 40% of that 60% goes straight to the goofy guitarist.
By golly I sure loved watching him.
The rest of the dudes deserve way more than the 20% I'm giving them here but trust me, I'm only doing it because I'm far too lazy to go more in-depth with math right now.
Captain Keys, the drummer, the bassist... all were fucking fantastic.
But the guitarist just happened to charm the pants right off me when he went on a mad hunt for the tambourine mid song and realized how funny it was as he struggled to open its case while singing backup into the mic at the appropriate times. He finally got it out and used it beautifully, and even managed to hit his guitar solo following that whole procedure.
Sorry, I almost forgot that this band is called THOMAS D'ARCY, so I should probably talk about him.
He deserves 40% as well, the set of pipes on him was astounding, and (especially after watching Cafeine) his on stage presence was hypnotizing. This guy was born for the stage.
I'd like to call their music indie-cruise-rock, simply because their keyboardist was wearing a fitting hat for that genre.
However, it was more like a combination of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Knack and Hot Hot Heat, if that makes any sense at all.
Either way, it made my ear holes wet.


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