I had been waiting for the day to come when I could finally see YELLOWTEETH after missing them at Sappyfest last year and having to endure so many conversations about how fucking awesome their performance was for the rest of the festival.

When I found out they were playing NXNE I was about as ecstatic as a young girl who has found a pony under her pillow from the 'Tooth Fairy' instead of a measly buck.
And luckily the pony didn't suffocate before I woke up to find him, no siree nag, my little pony was as healthy as ever and took me on the ride of my life.
All of which is referring to the show YELLOWTEETH put on, if you can't tell.
Honestly one of the best, if not THE best, set I saw at North By.
They rocked out with both cocks AND tits out, and even got down and dirty on the ground in order to rock out even harder.

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