NXNE - Episode 2013: Sarah's Final Thought

Another NXNE has come and gone, but this time it's left in slightly less of a blur than other years.
2013 was a year of half sober shows, which is far different than my usual 100% of shows seen whilst drunk.
This was not by choice.
And, unfortunately, it did dampen my experience... but that might have been caused by the reasoning behind my sobriety....which can only be described as a shit show of Sarah luck.
If you can even call it luck....curse is more like it.
Just as I settled down Monday night for my ONE relaxing day of doing nothing except wind down from an awesome weekend of punk shows in Toronto and S.C.E.N.E. Fest..... BAM, the Sarah curse had something else in store for me!
My cat Simon, or as I like to call him 'Slimy' / 'Slimon' / 'Sir Slimington', got really sick and needed to be cabbed all the way uptown to see the emergency vet at 1am. I brought him home because I couldn't afford to keep him overnight or the time to pick him up so far away, but Tuesday morning he was even worse off and I had to emit him to my normal vet for 2 days, and a fucking lot of money.
Not only did it cost me every penny I had to my name, which meant absolutely no drinking for most of NXNE, but his condition also demanded a lot of monitoring and time spent at home during the busiest time of the festival, unfortunately keeping me from traveling to venues too far away certain days...
I was also stuck with my bike as my only option for transportation, and of course it had to rain a bunch during the festival which also kept me stuck close to home.
That said, thank fuck for Lee's Palace and a bunch of good shit happening there.
It almost made up for all my stress, which awkwardly enough had my body cyst'd up like crazy, which ... if you're a) not a girl or b) not a girl who has ever had to experience a cyst... it's quite possibly the WORST pain I've ever felt in my life, and I've broken a ton of bones including my collar bone which was a huge bitch.
Cysts basically feel like there's a war in your hip/stomach... shooting, stabbing, bombing, just pure assassination of an entire race that makes up your insides. Holy hell does it ever suck. At times so bad that you can't move. UGH.
I can't believe I'm talking about this, super emburrrrasssing, but it plays a huge part in my NXNE experience this year.
I look forward to this festival because of the number of bands on the line up each year that I've NEVER heard of before. It's always a great opportunity to experience new music if you're willing to just randomly turn up at venues without any schedule in mind.
That was my plan, until my curse limited what I could see, where I could go and when I could go out.
What a bummer!
Bums aside, I did get to see some really great stuff.
Highlights included the epic FLAG show, The Delinquints comeback, experiencing Ian Blurton's new band Public Animal and finally getting the chance to catch YELLOWTEETH live since missing them at Sappyfest some years back.
So although I didn't get to see nearly as much as I wanted, or discover any of the new awesome bands the festival had to offer, the shows I did see made up for it all. Except for one... but you'll have to read my individual NXNE band reviews for more on that....

Until next year, hasta la vista NXNE!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.