Night Birds, ah-ah-ah, fighter of the ... day birds?

Champions of the ... surf?
You're a master of  ... bacardi?
And ..  battleships?
For everyone.

"It's times like this I wish I had a penis" - Duckman (Private Dick/Family Man)

I hear ya (duck)man!
I'm 30 seconds into the first track off the new Tight Nuns album and I've already blown my faux-load 30 times.
It totally reminds me of a much faster, more aggressive Dillinger Four...who are one of my favourite bands of all time.
And judging by the way they titled the album, P U N K D E B U R E A U (similar to C I V I L W A R by Dillinger Four) and track #6 "Yousaydrumandbassithinkdeathfromabove1979" (similar to a few songs by D4 with the altogethernessofthewords) this comparison was both acknowledged and maybe even deliberate....
Which puts this album in the running for my favourite album of 2013.
I'm a handful of songs in now and it's just been a consta-gasm so far.. maybe it's a good thing I don't really have a penis or my desk would be mighty messy,  I'd probably get stuck to it just trying to type this review!

Boy Castle in a man's world..

I don't know what it is about Boy Castle but I can't get enough of this EP of theirs.
For some reason I keep being surprised at myself for liking it... something about them, mayhaps the almost-break-downs... is a bit out of my pop-punk element, but BOY do they pull it off.
The vocals and the writing in general = incredible. I can actually feel my heart strings being tugged at with every chorus, like my heart is a dog on a leash who doesn't want to walk because it's so distracted listening to this awesome pop punk album...

Tragic Hearts.... GET STOKED.

I just had the pleasure of previewing the entire Tragic Hearts EP that's coming out soon... and I found it about as flattering as a hippo wearing full body Spanx (which is VERY flattering, just so we're clear) that I was asked to do so.
I'm going to attempt to control my giddiness here so that you don't get TOO too jealous of my good fortune, but it's going to be hard.
Each of the 4 songs on the EP take pop punk perfection to the next level. If they were a man they'd be either Brad Pitt or George Clooney, depending on your tastes.
And for all the lady lovers out there, they sound about as flawless as Kate Upton's tits look.


And write about it I will... because I feel like I have to.
Not because I was asked to, no.
Butt because it was just so damn fucking good that I don't think these fingers can function until they tell the five or less people who read this site about how damn fucking good it was.
And clearly I need these phalanges to function in order to go to sleep, wait, what?
So tonight I had dinner plans with good friends, great homemade food, new friends, a cute English fella and a big screen TV, and I cut the night short because I just had to catch Plan 37.
Not that I haven't seen them before, butt because I have seen them many times and my alien boner grows stronger every time my ears meet with their binary ridden alienthems (that's alien anthems for those who don't get really shitty word play jokes).
It's almost like that scene in Alien, if you swap pain for pleasure and the chest for my vahghinha... which, according to my previous statement would mean that my vahghinha has a boner, which is just alllll sorts of weird...

Steve Adamyk Band - Monterrey 7" on Hosehead Records July 16th

Well well well, 2013 is turning out to be a preetty good year for punk here in Ontario. Especially for the Steve Adamyk Band, who just released a full length back in February and are about to release a new 4 song 7" titled Monterrey on July 16th, this time on Hosehead Records.