Night Birds, ah-ah-ah, fighter of the ... day birds?

Champions of the ... surf?
You're a master of  ... bacardi?
And ..  battleships?
For everyone.

The new Night Birds album, Born To Die In Suburbia plays out like one hell of a crazy journey.
It's pretty much the punk rock musical equivalent to a Hawaii Five-O episode.
If you took 80's hardcore bands like Negative Approach or Adolescents and threw them into a Sharknado with The Ventures playing "Wipe Out" on repeat, the storm would sound something like Night Birds.
Think Agent Orange but with Captain Steve McGarrett as the new band member who gets them into - and OUT OF - all sorts of dangerous trouble...

It's easy to get lost in the punk waves of this album, it's wayyy more than just a tight-as-a-nun's-ass, surf-infused punk rock album, it's mother fucking ENTERTAINMENT. Don't ear-blink or you'll miss all the action! 

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