I LIKE PINK WINE (the band and the pretty alcoholic beverage)

Pink Wine (the band)'s new self-titled full length sounds like a delicious pink cock-tail (heh) that combines 1oz of mid-late 70's punky power-pop bands like band The Only Ones or The Nerves with about 3oz of garage punk/bubblegum power pop weird dude Nobunny.
I also keep getting a hint here and a taste there of .... and don't hate me for this .... Hot Hot Heat. This might just be me, or the kind-of-but-not-even-really similar vocal styles, or I'm just drunk from listening to it already. Who knows.
The resulting sound is light, fruity, fun and boozy (obviously!) but at the same time there's also rock'n'roll elements that add to the simplicity of the typical garage punk/power pop formula, like in the track "Can't Get Out" and "Spit On The Ground", which I 'can't get' enough of. Get it? Get out.

On a scale of flaccid to boner, this Pink Wine is like spinach to Popeyes pee pee.

Best served with bands like Outtacontroller, Cold Warps and Needles//Pins, whilst picking scabs and spitting on the ground.

I like Pink Wine.

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