If I were to rewrite Frankenstein and his monster into a wonky music-related, me-focused, silly story for the sake of a review, It's Alive Records would perfectly play the part of Victor, working his mad science shit on my bored-to-death-as-of-late ears by hooking me up to their latest releases that, with one listen, bring me back to life... but instead of searching for a cure to my isolating loneliness through murder, I'm on a mad hunt for more It's Alive releases, with a new found hunger for how each pop punk album on their roster makes me feel more and more... alive?!

The first band on It's Alive's roster to defibrillate my ear boner is Sunnyside, gritty pop punk from San Diego that reminds me of The Lawrence Arms and other great bands of that sort. No bullshit. No glamour. All awesome.

The second brand-butt-spankin'-new album responsible for pumpin' my earholes with oxygen is Yeti by The Visitors. They're an exciting pop punk specimen of the Ottawa scene. Though their album cover will make you shiver with flashbacks of being attacked in SkiFree EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to get down that damn mountain, the music itself will warm you right up with visions of Amsterdam, Golden Coasts, Unicorns and surfing.

And, to make it a nice even THREE, the last band with a release on It's Alive Records to awaken the lady boner in me is Pool Party. Their name is the perfect way to explain how much fun their latest EP fun as a fucking pool party. And I mean the good kind, with an equal number of babely dudes and babely dudettes, a shit ton of liquor, a hell of a lot of sunshine and, of course, POOL TOYS. Now shut up yer tits and just listen to them, k?

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.