Islands - Ski Mask

Well. Just as I was about to create the best fucking review of the new Islands album, Ski Mask, all these famous people got together and stole all my ideas. Except in my version it's just me pretending to be a bunch of famous people but saying the exact same things.... 

The Mad Murdocks / Cerebral Scrub? / Continental @ Horseshoe Tavern

Mad About Murdocks
When I walked into the Horseshoe last night I was in a very hazy 'I've-been-smoking-weed-non-stop-all-day' daze that I was sure only ecstasy-infused coffee could snap me out of, and since I didn't have either my plan was to - in the words of DMX - 'stop, drop, shut them down and open up shop' on a bench at the back for the entire show. Oh no, that's how Ruff Ryders roll.