Islands - Ski Mask

Well. Just as I was about to create the best fucking review of the new Islands album, Ski Mask, all these famous people got together and stole all my ideas. Except in my version it's just me pretending to be a bunch of famous people but saying the exact same things.... 

I wish.
I'm pretty creative when it comes to boner talk but that's about it.
So now that you've watched the best kind of review of the new Islands album you probably don't have to pay much attention to what I'm about to say. I'm sure not.
Going to.
Pay attention that is.

Islands have been and always will be one of my favourite bands, ever. It doesn't matter how many times they alter their sound, it always feels like they are channeling all my current emotions directly into each album. I'm not sure how that's possible but perhaps they have some sort of magnet that they can turn on when they're about to write that attracts the feelings of their fans so that they can match those feelings to their lyrics.
THAT, or they're know... real people with real feelings too.
It's probably the first one.
Anyhoo, the majority of this new album is much darker and much more somber than normal (but, what is normal when it comes to Islands.. good point, self) and it deals a lot with self discovery.. the road to finding out who you really are vs who you really wanted to be, and whether or not who you really wanted to be will ever be who you really are.
There's also a lot of hopelessness, depression and heartbreak in there.
Sure, many bands cover these same emotions.
Not a single one of them can do it the way Nick Thorburn does it though.
Using his wit and love for word play, Nick uses this album to sum up all those REAL feelings that bands don't usually address when it comes to fame, popularity, and the hardships of being part of a band. Which scares me because there's a lot of talk of this being the last Islands album, and if that's true I'll be even more depressed than I am now.
(Are you impressed with how depressed I've become?)
Not that I'm super depressed or anything, but I can relate to what Nick is singing about.. I've been going through a period of self discovery as well and this album has been my crutch (HA, jokes, because I have been on crutches for the last month, and when you have a semi-near death experience that results in you not being able to walk for a while, you can't do much but reflect on your life and all that shit).
Ski Mask feels like it's wallowing right there beside me, embracing me in a warm, furry, bear hug while together we sing away our sorrows. Every slow song tugs at my metaphorical heart dick (I used this in a real life conversation yesterday and just had to repeat it) while the few upbeat tracks like "Nil" feel like they're patting me on the back and telling me to keep my chin up.
Though the future is uncertain for the band it didn't stop them from pumping out one of their best albums to date. But, in my opinion every single album they've done has been their best, and they deserve far more recognition for that than I've ever seen them receive.
Maybe if people would stop talking about Miley Cyrus and pay attention to some real, GOOD musicians for even just a second, then just maybe my favourite band wouldn't be considering ending it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.