my emburrassing baked journey through being born gold

This is my journey through Born Gold's I Am An Exit, told as if I'm on Bad Girls Club recounting the incident to the cameramen in those little recap interview things they do, or whatever. 

The Tragic Thrills, fighting my tragic cold.

I don't usually listen to bands as cutesy/poppy as The Tragic Thrills during the week.
Music like this is saved for my cheese-out and sing-loud Friday mixes at work.
Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
Today is an exception, apparently.
I got the email with the album download, clicked on it just for shits and more shits expecting to hate it and delete it immediately, and it ended up being exactly what I needed to pick me up this afternoon.
I'd like to call it 'I feel like shit so I don't want to listen to loud punk rock so I'll listen to this instead' music.

Neon Windbreaker - 'New Sky' EP is like popping a penis cherry!

This new EP from Neon Windbreaker sounds like (what I'd assume) the first time a dude has sex feels like: heaven wrapping itself around the penis like Pogo batter to a wiener -  but to my ears. It's frantic, messy (in a great way), and over way too soon. And after it's all did and done you just lay there, panting, blissfully happy and then ready to go again seconds later.
It's 5 tracks long and only 7 minutes long. That's 5 humps to 7 inches in 'first time' size.

Invasions = Inglourious Basterds vs. Django Unchained starring Clint Eastwood in Twin Peaks - The Soundtrack

I'm not quite sure how they did it, but Toronto's Invasions managed to combine stoner jams with garage-infused surf rock annnnnd gritty, horn-filled country western blues... which, in theory should probably have turned out similar to what milk + orange juice + pop thrown together in a blender would taste like. Instead, this concoction of theirs sounds like something Quentin Tarantino would chase down and lap up like this 'ho' does to Pootie Tang and whatever that white stuff in the bowl is...


Remember the first intentionally funny episode the X-Files ever did, "Humbug" (Season 2)?
That one with sideshow freaks, an underdeveloped fetus and a Fiji Mermaid...?
Despite the comical undertone it still managed to maintain the creepiness of the X-Files, and it was actually pretty entertaining.
For some reason when I listen to the latest of the Ketamines' 7" series, So Hot!, I am reminded of this episode and can't help but picture all these characters doing a super awkward but hilarious dance to the song.. a slow and choppy shuffle or something robotic. Maybe even with lasers.
Scratch that.
DEFINITELY with lasers!